I have decided to combine August and September update into one as it has not been a particularly busy time in the garden.


When I say ‘busy’ I refer to the regular maintenance including planting etc, but in terms of harvesting it has been very busy, mainly on a Sunday morning.  I have arrived early at Church to pick a glut of courgette, lettuce, tomatoes, peas, French beans and runner beans.  Sometimes I have added in rhubarb, beetroot, cabbage and sweetcorn to the produce table.  A big ‘Thank you’ to Beryl Shore for covering in my absence whilst on holiday.


All the produce has been purchased and you have raised the grand sum of £81.52 since the beginning of June.  Very well done! 


As some of you will know I gave the money to Peter at the Harvest Festival service on 27 September to donate to the Methodist Centre.  


The Guides were able to pick and fill a tray with a selection of runner beans, peas, tomatoes and lettuce as well as their potatoes for the Harvest service.  I am sure they all felt proud of the fact that they grew it all from seed, especially when they took it to the front of the Church. What a lovely service and lunch afterwards with a great selection of food and plenty of time to chat and catch up with friends and acquaintances.


During late September I have planted an Autumn onion crop and garlic which, hopefully, will be harvested and sold in early summer next year.  I have also planted a rhubarb crown and a Tayberry, along with 2 Alpine strawberry plants,  adding to the ever growing selection of Alpine plants, thanks to the continued efforts of Marion Monahan from the Alpine Society.


I have also purchased 2 evergreen climbing plants, a summer flowering Jasmine and a Honeysuckle, which are both very fragrant.  They will be planted along the back fence when the old shrub roots are taken out along with an evergreen Clematis, courtesy of Marion and the Alpine Society.


There is also now a wall mounted cigarette bin to the right of the side entrance/exit to the hall, kindly installed by Bob Wrench.


The next project begins in the first week of October when I and my happy band of helpers begin work on the side garden to the right of the main entrance of the Church.  I am really looking forward to the challenge!


I will end with just a few photos of the garden looking very good at the end of September, making all the hard work very worth while.   


























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