MAY 2009


After the announcement of taking up the challenge to look after the garden, I enlisted the help of some very able volunteers: Bob Wrench, Trevor Evans, James Wisheart, Paul Dunstan and Caroline Deval. They all are able to offer a variety of skills along with many ideas and suggestions to improve the garden. The Guides and Brownies are also keen to help, both sharing the planting of seeds, enabling the Sunday school children to sell the produce after Sunday Worship, when it is available.

Another very enthusiastic volunteer is Marion Monahan from the Alpine Society. The Society uses the Church premises for their meetings throughout the winter and, after I contacted her, agreed to maintain part of the garden. Marion turns up most Saturday mornings to weed, plant and prune and gives great praise to the very well draining soil which helps the alpine plants to thrive. Apparently, Marion tells me, the best show of alpines will be in the spring. I can’t wait to see it!


Marion is also a volunteer at the Botanical Gardens and possesses a vast knowledge of all plants. Marion has already suggested incorporating very fragrant plants and a theme of plants from around the world, so you will notice some markers giving not only the names of the plants but also the country of origin.





The Guides had already removed the vast majority of the Bluebells that appeared throughout April in the vegetable beds and planted courgette, cucumber and pepper seeds.

I worked with the Brownies to show them how to plant runner bean and Dwarf French Beans in ‘toilet roll middles’. They were all very enthusiastic and soon ‘got the hang of it’; although their clothes and shoes did look a bit worse for wear. I hope their Mums did not get too upset!

A general tidy up of the patio area included a power wash, courtesy of Bob Wrench’s new toy! We both managed to get extremely wet but got the job done, even though we did finish in the dark.




I installed the hoop system with netting to protect the vegetable beds, Trevor Evans installed the garden hose and Bob connected the water butt to the down pipe






Emma, the Guide leader, had an idea last year of creating the Guide and Scout emblems in the garden. This prompted Bob to ‘put his thinking cap on’ and make use of another of his talents, by constructing the emblems. You can all see, and I know have commented on, the brilliant emblems that now are the centre piece of the garden.

The Guides filled in the design with coloured gravel to create a stunning effect.

At the Plant Sale on May 9th, I bought a selection of plants including Geranium, Penstomen and Solomon’s Seal using them to add to the perennial bed, plus 2 aquatic Iris for the half barrel pond, along with tomatoes, strawberries and raspberries for the Guides garden. Some kind people also donated some other plants which I have dotted around the bed.




JUNE 2009

June began with a frenzy of activity with James and Bob installing two pieces of trellis, courtesy of James. Mind you, they did need an expert eye on the job to ensure that they were hanging them centrally, so it was a case of ‘left a bit, up a bit’ etc! Men do need a certain amount of supervision, don’t they ladies? The trellis is to provide support for the Golden Hop and the Passion flower, aptly named the ’Star of Bristol’.

Bob also cut back the hedge behind the emblems but, they are very old and woody, so it is my plan to remove them soon and replace them with more climbing plants to give year round interest.

During the same Saturday morning burst of energy, James also weeded the front garden and pruned the little tree next to the gate. Does anyone know what the tree is called?

After a conversation with the neighbouring cottage owner, agreement was reached to paint the end wall of the cottage which faces into the Church Garden. The task will be taken on by Paul later in the year and will brighten up that end of the garden.

The Brownies were absolutely amazed at the growth of their Dwarf French Beans and Runner Beans, taking great delight in planting them. Once again they did get a bit mucky but, they thoroughly enjoyed the experience.






Emma bought grow bags and the Guides planted out their tomatoes, courgettes and strawberries.













They also planted a few main crop potatoes in the newly acquired potato planter, tidied up the herb garden and began sifting the soil in the half circle shapes ready to plant seeds and seedlings






One of Bob's neighbours needed a good home for 2 potted conifers, so they were placed at the front of the Church in the car park.

Sunday June 7th saw the first sale of produce from the garden in the form of cabbage planted last autumn. The grand sum of £7.50 was raised, so thank you.








Sunday June 14th was also quite special as it was a gloriously warm day and members of the congregation took the air as well as their coffee on the patio.  Let's hope it becomes a very regular occurrence.





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