Some time in 1995, members of our congregation of all ages began rehearsals for the musical "From Pharaoh to Freedom".  At the time Andrew Maguire was our minister, and he had persuaded me to to get together some instrumentalists to form an orchestra to play the music written by Roger Jones.  And this was the beginning of our church orchestra.

At that time, the ages of our players ranged from about 8 to 90. We all enjoyed the experience so much that it was decided to stay together and play for Sunday worship from time to time.

As time went by we gathered more players; and the great joy was that we continued to be an all-age orchestra. Some of our youngest players gave grown up and developed into very proficient musicians.  It would be unfair to mention names, because we have seen quite a few of them achieving great things musically, but still remaining loyal members, with us.  And adult learners have been keen to join us, as we have been delighted to welcome them.  The old and the young can and do learn from each other. 

We have recently gained two new members who were not previously attached to our church.  One offered to join us as a result of the church Open Day, and the other replied to an advert in “Bristol 9”.  In this way we have gained a flautist and a clarinettist who also plays saxophone.  Both have become loyal members of the group, and are valued for their contribution.  

Unfortunately we now have fewer children in the orchestra but we are still open to players of any age and the orchestra remains open to any instrumentalist who wishes to contribute to our worship in this way.  We play once a month for the morning service, and we have a "run-through" before the service.  Our aim is to bring variety to our worship in a way that includes all ages.  

At the moment we need some more string players - so why not get your old school violin down from the attic, dust it down and join us?  All you need is a resolve to do your best, and make a joyful noise to the Lord.  Our main aims are to offer variety to our worship and to provide an activity which both young and old can enjoy together.


(Above) Orchestra Members accompanying our Sunday Service and (below)enjoying a well-earned break

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