We operate a rota system for providing and arranging the flowers in church  for our Sunday services.


We are always delighted to hear from anyone who is willing to provide and arrange flowers, so please contact me if you are able to join our team.  New volunteers are always very welcome and it need only be once or twice a year. 


In addition to being beautiful to look at on Sundays the flowers are always greatly appreciated by a variety of people when they are distributed after the Sunday services.


We also have a Flower Fund to cover Christmas, Easter, new vases, oasis etc and donations to this, however small, are always welcome.


Janet Shaw


The flowers which members supply for the Worship Area each Sunday are distributed afterwards by volunteers who are on a rota.  They work in pairs, taking the flowers to people who are either at the service, or are known to the church (and me in particular) who have a special reason for celebration or sympathy. 


There are 20 people on the rota, and usually the pair on duty are responsible for two bunches each.


We see this as a very welcome means of outreach, and would also welcome more members to join the rota.


Rachel Newton


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