The Methodist Church has always encouraged growth in discipleship through small group meetings, the purpose being pastoral, learning and mission. This is also one of the 'findings' of the Circuit Review. Here are details of three which are part of our church life and which always welcome newcomers. It is true to say that a major benefit from belonging to a house group is the friendship and support that the members give each other. We share our joys and sorrows and encourage each other on our Christian journeys.


We are the “House Group” that meets in “God’s House”.

You will find us in the Church Quiet Room on Second Thursday of the month from 1.30-2.30pm. We share fellowship in the form of informal bible study and discussion followed by coffee in a local shop until 3pm.

All are very welcome to join us.

Please contact Zoe Farr or Rachel Morris for more details.


We are a small friendly group who meet every other Tuesday, alternating with Guild.  We meet at Christine Holmes's house at 7.45 p;m for a Bible study and discussion, which is followed by tea or coffee and a scone. We are always pleased to welcome new members, and if anyone would like further information please speak to Carole Wintersgill, Derrick George or Marion Povey.


We meet for discussion and fellowship once a month on Sundays at 8pm in one of the member's homes.  Our discussions are always Bible-based - sometimes we have used a Bible study course, and at other times we have studied a book the theme of which involves references to the Bible.  For example, recently we have studied Neil Richardson's "Paul for Today" and Lucy Winkett's "Our sound is our wound".

If you would like to join us, you would be very welcome.  To find out more about us please contract Constance Gould or Tony Light.

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