Produce identified with a LEAF Marque logo indicates it has been through an assurance scheme that means it has been produced by farmers whilst caring for the environment.

By buying LEAF Marque produce, you are enjoying food from farmers who care for the countryside and wildlife – whilst doing your bit for the environment too.

You will find LEAF Marque produce on products sold nationwide in supermarkets, farm shops and farmers’ markets.

Here are some ways LEAF Marque farmers care for the environment by: 

  • Carefully managing hedgerows to provide habitats and food for wildlife
  • Using pesticides and fertilisers only when absolutely necessary
  • Leaving a strip of land between hedgerows and crops to act as a habitat for wildlife
  • Recycling on-farm waste and conserving energy
  • Improving water efficiency and quality


Locally Grown


Animal Friendly

Fairly traded

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