In the October Update I mentioned that Owen North had kindly mounted a plaque for me to place in the garden which contains the words of a lovely poem by Dorothy Gurney.  I have taken a photo of it so you can all see how good it looks.  The poem reads:-


The kiss of the sun for pardon,

The song of the birds for mirth,

One is nearer to Godís heart in the garden

Than anywhere else on earth.



As Richard was kind enough to remove the old roots behind the emblems, I sourced and purchased 3 pieces of trellis, arranging with Bob to collect them on a gloomy Wednesday evening in the first week of November, when my B&Q Discount Card could be used.  Bob offered to fix them to the fence on the same evening but, in actual fact, it was son John leading the operation.  He certainly knows how to use a drill and a spirit level and in no time at all the trellis was up, even though it was dark.  Well done John!






With the climbing plants, wallflowers, pansies, polyanthus and variety of bulbs planted, everything was ready before the Autumn Fair.


The Guides had a stall at the Autumn Fair where they sold handmade cards, lavender bags and bird boxes. The Guides also worked hard lending a hand in the kitchen, washing up, serving teas and coffees, also clearing tables in the dining room.  At the end Emma, the Guide Leader, presented me with a bag of money totalling £63.60 to put into the garden funds.  How lovely was that?  I am very grateful indeed.


The following week Bob brought in 2 large pots which he had been given and so I was able to go out hunting for appropriate plants and thoroughly enjoy myself in the process.


You will see the results to the side of the front steps of the Church, hopefully giving a splash of winter colour and interest.  I hope everyone likes and enjoys them.
































On the same day and between rain showers, I cleared out all the old beans from the vegetable garden and used the compost from the tomato grow bags as a mulch for the beds through the winter.  I planted a thornless blackberry bush behind the compost bins, courtesy of my next door neighbour on the allotment, and just had a general tidy up.


So here are a few photos of the garden made ready for the winter months.






There will not be too much more to do in the garden during the winter months, except keep an eye on things so I will probably combine the December, January and February updates.


I must say I have thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of managing the Church garden this year and it has certainly fuelled my enthusiasm for next year. I feel that the garden is really appreciated and so many people have given donations of money, plants, time and their skills to help things along.


So thank you all very much and see you in 2010! 




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