Westbury on Trym Methodist Church.

Rooms to Hire

The Worship Area

The Worship Area, which seats around 100 people, has sound amplification, projection facilities and is suitable for public meetings, concerts etc.  The worship area costs £18.50 per hour to hire or £66.00 for 4 hours booking.

The Main Hall

The Main Hall, which is flexible in use with stackable seating, tables of different sizes and good lighting. It communicates with the Kitchen by a hatch. The Main Hall costs £15.00 per hour or £48.00 for 4 hours.

The Portland Lounge

The Portland Lounge, which is suitable for smaller groups up to 30, with flexible seating and communicates with the Kitchen by a second hatch. The Portland Lounge costs £13.00 per hour or £31.00 for four hours.

There are “common spaces” which include the foyer, the corridors and the toilets; these are for all those who use the 

The Kitchen, which has been refurbished to a high standard in 2017 and has the potential for the preparation and serving of simple refreshments or meals.

Activity Room, which has chairs and 2 tables and is suitable for small groups of up to 8 or 12. The Activity Room can be booked for £9.50 per hour

The Understage Room which has some seating and is suitable for group activity rather than committees. The Under Stage Room can be booked for £26.00 for four hours

To get the right room for your event please use our booking enquiry form and someone will be in touch with you to work out the right room for your needs.